The Antarctic Peninsula in Glorious Sunshine.

While I hate to give the impression that this is all fun and games, we’ve been having some wonderful weather here.

It’s the penultimate trip and Hila is on board, who has just started a DPhil (PhD) in monitoring diseases in penguins. It’s not her first experience of penguins; she did an MSc on gentoo penguins and after a break in the real world (as if!), she’s now expanding to more penguins and to policy – relevant monitoring.


We just got back to last year’s satellite camera on the Yalour Islands and serviced it. It was still transmitting a month ago, but it looks like Al will now have to reboot it from London. We installed a new battery, so fingers crossed it will be good for at least another year. The idea is that these cameras will be good enough to leave for three years at a time.


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