Zooniverse goes live!

Today is the start of a really exciting project. The Zooniverse is a citizen science platform that allows volunteers to participate in real science. A team from Zooniverse has spent the last six months building a tool that take our own and other researchers timelapse imagery and displays it to interested members of the public. This allows volunteers to click on penguins and help us to extract data from imagery. It’s called Penguin Watch – check it out here! http://www.penguinwatch.org

zooniverse sreenshot v2

We hope that you will join us in sorting some of our 200,000 plus images of penguins into something that can make a difference to their conservation.

We’ll update you on the progress of this over the coming hours and days.

Happy clicking!

3 thoughts on “Zooniverse goes live!

  1. Hello, I heard about this on 774 this morning, and am keen to help. However, I have signed up, and every time I have an image to record, after recording 2 adults, I am unable to record any more. The “clicker” jumps keep going back and forth to the 2 I have already recorded. Help?

    1. Hi Jackie,
      Sorry about the delay; just seen this. Can you tell me what operating system you are using (eg Windows 7) and which browser (eg Internet Explorter 6)?
      We need to fix this but we can’t get the same error. In the meanwhile, if you use another such as Firefox or Chrome, that should work.
      Many thanks,

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